What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade credit insurance – also sometimes called accounts receivable insurance – is different from “insurance” in the traditional sense. It is a partnership that provides world-class knowledge and data to empower your trading decisions, backed by a reimbursement guarantee should an unexpected customer non-payment occur. Businesses that choose trade credit insurance benefit from safe sales expansion – at home and abroad – to new and existing customers.


Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance:

  • Life is uncertain and health issues may occur anytime, thereby creating a financial burden for the insured’s family to arrange for finances at short notice or no notice at all
  • Keeps you financially prepared well in advance, despite rising expenses of medical treatments and hospitalization
  • Offers financial protection against most expenditures associated with health and medical treatments
  • The insured can focus on speedy recovery, while the insurance company takes care of the incurred expenses

Best Features of Trade Credit Insurance:

  • Potentially reduce and quantify bad debt provisions
  • Better borrowing and financing options
  • Increase profitability
  • Grow sales with confidence
  • Prevent losses before they occur
  • Maintain cash flow, profitability and protect budgets and business plans
  • Information, screening of clients.
  • Improve credit decisions
  • Protects investors and stakeholders