What is Home Insurance?

From buying a house to building a home out, be it decorating it with tiny objects over the years or planning its architecture and interiors, every step is an experience to cherish. A perfect balance between financial investment and emotional involvement is required to attain the dream of building and protecting your house. As your dream home is one of your most valuable assets, it deserves the best possible protection and care from various dangers, threats and unforeseen circumstances. It is really important to choose a comprehensive home insurance policy for this purpose.


Benefits of Home Insurance:

  • The policy provides protection, to your house, against natural calamities like fire, earthquake, storms, etc. and also against anti-social activities like theft, burglary, terrorism, etc.
  • This home insurance policy provides coverage for the structure of your house, and also the contents inside your house.
  • Offers financial protection against most expenditures associated with health and medical treatments
  • Customers can avail this insurance policy for rented houses as well as for their own house (ownership)
  • Easy and smooth documentation process with minimal paperwork
  • Fast and hassle-free settlement of insurance claims

Best Features of Home Insurance:

  • Choosing the items to be covered
  • Choosing the coverage amount
  • Choosing to reinstate the value of a precious item
  • Policy can be bought and renewed easily, online